Feb 13, 2013

Aug 9, 2011

Jerk it with hand or fuck fake cunt?

Dear Judy May (you're Judy Will in my wet dreams :-),

Do you think I should literally jerk my cock with my hand to make it come or should I fuck my Fleshlight (a fake cunt) and come in it?  The likelihood is very low that I'll ever have a girlfriend but if I do I'm concerned that my cock won't be able to come from fucking my girlfriend's pussy, that it'll be too used to my hand.  Should I keep using my hand, only fuck the Fleshlight, or fuck the Fleshlight occasionally to make sure I can still come in a cunt?  (BTW: I dream it's your cunt I'm fucking when I'm in the Fleshlight.)

Frank (flesh colored :-)

Aug 6, 2011

Is Strokers hiring?

Dear Sexy Judy,

If I knew which store Strokers was and I knew you'd come a few times with your girlfriend to try on some more clothes then I'd get a job there that gave me access to that two-way mirror.  I know I could get off to some women who were trying on clothes but I'd have my best orgasm to you and a friend.  Until then I'll look at your pictures and stroke it for you.  I'll shoot my load of cum on a counter then lick it up and swallow it all like you'd want me to do.

Stroking it for you,


Sep 20, 2008



..............U SMILE TOO.................................. Drainage


...........School supplies ..........................May we watch?

Sep 13, 2008


I HAVE to show you these pics from one of my regular masturboys. He was SO apologetic about having the flash on and creating that glare, he told me that by the time he realized the flash was on he was too "discombobulatd" by impending orgasm to change the camera setting. I DO love to hear that I've stimulated you sufficiently!!


Welcome to my jerk4judy masturbation blog. That's me in the first and last pics (on the top and on the bottom, both good positions), showing you what I LOVE to make you do. I'm here to make masturbation a more stimulating, exciting and satisfying experience for you. You'll learn about my lifetime of masturbation fun, the fun my own hands give me and the thrills I feel when I entice you to get yourself off good. I hope you'll enjoy the pics, vids, links, magazine column, and stories I'll be posting, and yes, I hope you'll want the pics and vids I offer, personalized for your stroking pleasure. Scroll down the sidebar to learn all about me. 


There'll be a little something for everyone in the posts, whether you're male or female, (female masturbation will be big part of the fun here, I'm VERY bi), in addition to all of the jack-off encouragement for the guys. So read my rules at the upper right, get comfortable, and let's enjoy those electric tingles that are waiting for us right at our fingertips.
                    HAPPY MASTURBATING!

Sep 10, 2008